The ultimate alternative to 529’S. Why only plan for college when you can prepare your family for so much more?


We all know that life can be anything but predictable. Traditional college savings plans restrict your investment gains for education use only, with hefty tax penalties if your children’s plans change. What if the stock market takes a downturn? With college tuition increasing over 20% in the last decade, we can’t afford negative returns.


That’s why we created the CollegePLUS Policy. The CollegePLUS Policy offers you the same market driven returns as traditional college savings plans but with meaningful additional benefits: such as full downside protection and unrestricted use of proceeds from your policy. This means you not only win with the market, but your principal is also safeguarded from risk. In addition, the CollegePLUS Policy provides unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to access your funds on your time, for any opportunity, with tax-free growth.


Invest in your child’s future beyond college. Let us help you prepare for the unpredictable and seize new opportunities along the way.

One of the many benefits of CollegePLUS lies in its ability to provide tax-free compounded growth.




Flexibility to pick the index of your choice.


Returns are determined by indexes of your choice. You can allocate all or part of your policy’s accumulation value to earn compounded interest that is based on the positive performance of an external market. Interest is credited annually on the policy anniversary based on the actual performance of the index and crediting method applied.

Tax-Free Growth

All of the growth, none of the taxes.


The money you pay into CollegePLUS earns interest for you and compounds tax-free within your CollegePLUS policy. This puts the power of compounding on your side, taking full advantage of tax-free earnings allowing your interest to grow faster.

Tax-Free Access to Funds

Ultimate liquidity when  you want it.


Your money within CollegePLUS is available to you when you want it, without having to liquidate assets and for whatever purpose you need. Inside your CollegePLUS policy, your money grows tax-deferred and you can access it tax-free on your schedule. Meaning CollegePLUS gives you the flexibility of access, when you want it for your child’s college expenses, or whatever other purpose you choose.

Avoid Market Volatility

At no time is your money at risk in the market. 


Your principal & your gained interest will always be protected against market downturns.


Your policy tracks the performance of your selected index(es) – but you’re not actually participating in the market or buying shares in any index. If at the end of the crediting period:


  • An index you’ve chosen shows a positive return, then interest is credited to the policy’s accumulation value.
  • An index you’ve chosen shows a negative return, you won’t earn interest, but you won’t lose anything either.
Full Flexibility Funds Usage

Access your funds for any purpose.


The CollegePLUS policy offers unparalleled flexibility when it comes to how you can use your funds. 


Whether you have short-term goals like funding your child’s education or long-term aspirations like securing their retirement, CollegePLUS empowers you to tailor your financial strategy to your child’s specific needs and without any tax implications based on how you choose to utilize your funds. 


DISCLAIMER: Most life insurance policies require health and financial underwriting.  Policy loans will reduce the available cash value and death benefit and may cause the policy to lapse, or affect guarantees against lapse. | The indexes available within the policy are constructed to keep track of diverse segments of the U.S. or international markets, or specific sectors. These indexes are benchmarks only.  This content is not intended to provide comprehensive information regarding Indexed Universal Life insurance policies. This is general information only. Each insurance product will have specific features, benefits, and limitations.